The Top 5 Reasons You Need an Online Triathlon Coach

Online triathlon coaches cop a bad rap in Australia. It seems the idea of an online coach being able to help an athlete achieve their triathlon goals is laughable to some. The reality is this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the best triathlon coaches in the world work with their athletes exclusively or partly online achieving outstanding results at all levels of the sport. Here are 5 reasons you need an online triathlon coach to help you achieve your goals

1.     Daily Training Environment

Elite triathlon coaches preach the need for a daily training environment to get the most out of their athlete’s training for good reason. Working with an online coach gives you the flexibility to create a daily training environment that works for you. Whether that means joining a swim squad to work with a highly qualified swimming coach to help your swimming, joining a bunch ride that fits your training and goals, or hopping on zwift and virtually riding alongside your coach, the option are limitless. Working with an online coach gives you the ability to have someone look over your training to manage your load while communicating with other experts to get the most out of their athletes. Contrary to popular belief, athletes coached by online coaches are not limited to training by themselves. In fact, online coaches will rarely discourage their athletes from training with others.

2.     Accountability on the Individual

With increasing technology, online coaches have access to so much data. Not only can we see if your power dropped on your intervals, we can literally see which café you stopped off at on the way home from your ride. Having an online coach means your coach will be logged in and switched on to what you are doing keeping you accountable for every session.

3.     Individual Attention

Your time is precious, having an online coach means every training session is written specifically for you and for your goals to get the most of your training.

4.     Injury Management

Writing individually specific training means online coaches have the ability to manage their athlete’s load and minimise injury risks. Having an online coach also means a return to training post injury can be closely managed specifically for the athlete.

5.     Location & Time

Working with an online coach means your program is written to fit in with your life, not the other way around. This limits the need to travel long distances to sessions when not appropriate or beneficial and maximises sleep, recovery and balance with work and family. Working with an online coach also means you can fit group sessions in when they work to get the most of your training.

Not only do online coach-athlete relationships work, they have the ability to provide a service that allows their athletes to get the most out of themselves. When considering your next coaching move in triathlon, don’t overlook an online coach, they are likely the person in the best position to guide you to your best season yet!

James ThorpComment