About Us

After a life of competitive swimming and elite triathlon following our own paths, Grace and I met in 2016 in the most appropriate of places - the swimming pool. Our desire to be ahead in the lane meant we were far from a love at first sight story but once we settled the debate over a couple of tough sets we eventually began talking to each other and were soon sharing our stories with each other. It quickly became apparent we had a lot in common - we had both started competitive swimming from a young age and had made our way to the pointy end of the sport competing in national finals before making the decision to switch sports and finding some quick success in triathlon.

Our relationship blossomed as we travelled the world racing both together and on opposite sides of the globe all the while bonding over our love of the sport. Throughout the years it became apparent our views on triathlon were very similar. We both valued skill development and having a good work/life/triathlon/family balance. Something we continue to make a priority today. 

Founded in 2017, JT Multisport was built on the foundations of our love for the sport of triathlon & for each other. We strive to provide an environment that puts the focus back on the athlete. Now based back in Canberra we are offering online triathlon coaching for athletes all over the world as well as swim technique coaching for all athletes from learn to swim to athletes competing for international medals. 



James Thorp


Coaches have always played a huge role in my life. They have been a guiding light, an inspiration and have shaped the person I am today. It was my relationships with my coaches that inspired me, a sixteen-year-old aspiring tennis player to begin coaching younger players. The thrill of watching them improve moved me to grow my coaching and upon completing my own career as a divison 1 US college tennis player, and obtaining a bachelor of science in Exercise Science, I took the position of assistant women’s tennis coach at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

During my time in Toledo, I shifted my own sporting focus to competing in triathlon while pursuing a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. In August 2013 I had the honour of winning a USA Triathlon National Champion jersey over the sprint distance which was the breakthrough I needed to pursue a career as an elite athlete. In 2015 I completed my thesis entitled “The Effects of Normatec Recovery Boots on Cycling Performance.” During this time my love of coaching never waivered and I recruited members of Toledo Triathlon Club to be subjects in my thesis and began coaching and mentoring triathletes of all abilities.

Upon completion of my studies and coaching in the U.S. triathlon took me to France where I joined a French Grand Prix team. Injury soon forced me to return to Australia where I once again took to the tennis courts and began coaching full time while training under the guidance of some of Australia's best coaches.

My interest and knowledge in triathlon coaching was formalised when I completed a Triathlon Australia Level 1 Development Coaching Course. In the 18 months since the JTM family has grown and has seen some amazing accomplishments from our coached athletes from winning multiple world championship gold medals to completing triathlons and ironman races for the first time. Now based in Canberra, the endurance capital of the world it has become apparent that there is a need for triathlon coaches who are committed to the athletes they coach. I am extremely proud of our JT Multisport family and love continuing to strive for our goal of being the gold standard of triathlon coaching. Whatever your goals in endurance sports, at JT Multisport the athlete comes first.

James T


2019 Triathlon ACT Club Coach of the Year

Certified Triathlon Australia Development Coach

B.S. Exericse Science  

M.S Exercise Physiology

Division 1 United States collegiate tennis player and coach

Master’s Thesis ‘Effects of Normatec Recovery Boots on Cycling Performance’ By James Thorp and Barry Scheuerrman approved for publication 2016

11 years experience sports coaching

Elite Triathlete Since 2014

US Age Group National Sprint Distance Champion 2013

Continental Cup medal winner

Top 150 ITU Points list (2016)

Kona Qualifier

70.3 AG champion and World Championship Qualifier


Grace Hoitink

HeAD Swim Technician

My triathlon journey began when I was 16 years old. I had been a competitive swimmer for eight years prior which saw me compete at a national age and open level, including the 2012 Olympic trials. When I started triathlon, I had no previous cycling or running experience and dedicated myself to acquiring the skills necessary to develop these sports and improve my triathlon quickly.  I had success early on in triathlon competing as an ITU Junior and U23 athlete and gained my professional licence in 2015, which took me all around the world, including Europe, America and Japan.

I began teaching swimming in 2016 after gaining my AUSTSWIM accreditation. I have always been a technician and attribute my success in swimming and triathlon to my attention to detail and skill acquisition. This is something I bring into my teaching and enjoy seeing those I teach master the craft of swimming and build confidence in the water. I work with all ages and abilities from first time swimmers to competitive swimmers and triathletes wanting to improve their performance.

Now based in Canberra I am really looking forward to working closely with swimmers and triathletes of all abilities to help them achieve their swimming goals. 

Grace x


Certified Triathlon Australia Development Coach

Austswim teacher of swimming & water safety

Elite Triathlete Since 2015  

National Age Group Swimming Finalist

Triathlon ACT 2015 Rachael Baker Memorial Award For Outstanding Achievement in Triathlon

Austswim teacher of towards competitive strokes

Australian Age Group National Sprint Distance Champion 2015

Third all-time Triathlon Australian Junior Women 1km NPS Swim Time

2012 Olympic Swimming Trials Qualifier