Blackmores Bridge Run Race Plan

With City2Surf a distant memory, the Sydney running community has shifted its attention away from heartbreak hill to focus on the fast approaching Sydney Running Festival.  I will be using the Bridge Run 10km as a springboard into my racing season and while I haven't raced on the course before, the multiple kms running and riding sections of the course has given me a good insight into what to expect. As we head into race week I wanted to share my thoughts on how to tackle the race in order to shave every second off!

Mind your pacing. The Bridge Run is an interesting race in that the start heads straight up onto the bridge. Surrounded by 100s of people tearing off the start line into a u-turn and up an incline is a sure fire way to burn some matches. Ease into the first km. The places you lose with smart pacing will be made up for in the back half of the race. 

Run the shortest distance possible. This goes for all courses but particularly on the Bridge Run. Road runners are extremely prone to adding extra meters onto their races as they veer off the shortest route . The bridge run includes 4 turns, 3 Uturns, and a full revolution coming off the bridge. Running the line that corresponds to the course certification ensures you are running the shortest distance possible and therefore shaving seconds and minutes off your time. If in doubt, stick to the inside. 

Find the bridge run 10km map here.

Dress Appropriately. The weather forecast for Sunday is currently 8C/17C. Although the morning of the race will be cold, the weather is sure to heat up. Shorts and a T-shirt or singlet should be sufficient for most. In order to ensure you can stay warm between bag drop and race start wear an old tshirt or jumper you don't mind losing. This allows you to throw it away just before the start of the race without getting cold. On top of staying warm, these clothes are all collected to go to charity after the race start.

Enjoy the scenery. If you aren't racing to win or to beat your best time then take some time to enjoy the scenery of Sydney. It's not every day you get to run over the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

To everyone racing on the weekend I hope you have a fantastic race. If you catch a glimpse of me in the Run Theory logo, come and say hey! Hope to see you out there! 

Coach JT

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