Why I needed an Online Triathlon Coach

A few weeks ago, I completed my first half ironman in Port Macquarie alongside thousands of others. On the morning, as I stood in my wetsuit waiting to start, I could have cried into my goggles I was so nervous. But once I started, I loved every single second – well maybe not loved, but certainly enjoyed. I followed my race plan and did far better than I had hoped.

I was well prepared; the training I’d done was the right type, at the right time, in the right amount for me.

Like so many (middle) age groupers, I’m there for fun but want to constantly improve. None of us have the luxury of devoting the time to training that we would like – work, travelling, families and dreaded injuries all get in the way, so when I did set aside time for a session, I wanted it to count.

For a few years I have trained in a squad and I adore every person in it. They are some of my closest friends, but travel for work meant I missed many of the crucial sessions. So when I wanted to firstly compete in the NY marathon and then do the half ironman, I turned to an online coach.

Technology being what it is, means I can interact with my coach for every session. He sets my program to what I can manage time wise and makes it work for me. He monitors my every session and does his thing with the data, spitting out target goals to keep me moving forward. He manages my load and ensures I can train even with a chronic injury and helps me select what races I should and shouldn’t do.  It is as personalised and individualised as training can be.

And the best part was that on the day I was racing my goal race, he was there in the flesh cheering my every stroke, pedal and step.


James ThorpComment