James' Top Tips to Ensure You're Race Ready

Last weekend was a huge milestone for me. It was the first time I competed in a race since September last year. As I lined up with the A grade riders in the final round of the Battle of the Bridge Criterium, my usually calm nerves were off the charts. Although I was confident in my fitness, competing in my first race in over 10 months on a new bike, with a new team on an unfamiliar course was a recipe for anxiety. 

As the race began I shifted my attention to the preparation I had done and my anxiety began to vanish like so many of the riders behind me. As I reflect on my race it is clear that the great result I had can't be contributed to one thing, but rather a multitude of things that my coach and I had done to make sure I was ready to go. With the Bay Run coming up this weekend followed by the City 2 Surf I want to share my experience in lending my top tips to ensure you're race ready. Here they are! 

  1. Know what you're getting yourself into - make sure you are aware of what you are signing up for. Not sure how long a marathon is? Make sure you know before you sign up! 
  2. Respect your body - Your body is the tool that is going to allow you to get to the finish line, treat it that way! Stretching and self massage go a long way to ensuring you arrive to the start line healthy. 
  3. Familiarise yourself with your equipment - Whether you're swimming, riding, running or doing a triathlon make sure you are familiar with your equipment. No new gear on race day! 
  4. Know the course - Hold yourself accountable for knowing the course. Most course errors are caused by the old saying 'I'll follow someone else!'
  5. Have a race plan - Use your training to gauge what you want to do on race day!
  6. Visualise your race - Take your race plan and visualise how you will be successful. 
  7. Practice your nutrition - Research the nutrition that is going to be on course and train with it. If you are going to be self sufficient make sure you have used it on some longer training days.
  8. Know your race day schedule and transport - Getting stuck in traffic on the way to your race can cause a lot of headaches, make sure you are prepared!
  9. Trust your training - By the time race week rolls around, the work has been done. Trust your training and put your feet up a little to make sure you are ready to rock! 
  10. Satisfy any superstitions - If you race better with your lucky water bottle, don't forget to pack it for race day! 

There you have it! If you have any tips of your own, be sure to post and let us know!